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"Affordable digital marketing 

to help small 
businesses grow. 

Everything from social media advertising to web builds, Mark's got you covered..."

Changing The Lives Of Small Business Owners

Join the VERY BEST online businesses who are actively using social media to easily get their products out to the world!  

Changing The Lives Of Small Business Owners

Join the VERY BEST online businesses who are actively using social media to easily get their products out to the world!  

Check Out How I Can Help...
Paid Ads
Fully managed, done-for-you advertising services that generate low cost conversions and sales.
Social Media Management
Data-driven content strategies and hands on community management to grow your brand.
Instagram Growth & Engagement
Grow your followers and comments with Influencer Shoutouts and targeted Instagram Story Ads. 
Website Build
A beautiful website crafted for your business that converts visitors to sales and clients. 
1-1 Consulting
Learn how to generate fantastic results with social media marketing and management. This service is provided remotely via Zoom.


29-year-old digital marketing expert from the UK. 

Specialising in social media advertising, community management, content creation, growth hacks, design and web build. 

Responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing overall digital marketing strategies along with guiding and training digital marketers.

...if you're looking for a conversation starter I love surfing and I'm a musician!

Can you drive sales for my online store? 
Yes! I offer my digital advertising expertise to create campaigns that generate low cost conversions and sales for my clients.
Can I have a Case Study, Proposal, or Proof of Results?
Absolutely! I can share the relevant numbers with you after our inital call! 
Do you need access to my personal Facebook Account?
Nope. I only need access to your Facebook Ads Account and Facebook Business Page! I have a full onboarding process that will walk your though the logistics from start to finish.
What's the minimum I can spend on ads?
It totally depends on your business and what you're looking to achieve. If I had to put a number on it I'd suggest a minimum of approximately £30/day over 90 days. 

Can you get me more Instagram Followers?
Yep! Through a combination of Influencers shoutouts and Instagram Stories I can grow an account 10K+ followers per month!
Can I outsource my client to you?
YES! However, please note it is YOUR job to communicate with the client and set proper expectations. I'm here for fulfillment not building your agency for you.
Are you comfortable running ads for  high-growth eCommerce and digital companies that are doing £20K+ in revenue per month, or have funding?
The top ad results are likely to be achieved if you have a proven conversion and sales process, however I can help companies build high-performing sales funnels from scratch.


Get 30 Minutes Of Expert Advise For Free:

  • Get expert insights on your ad campaigns!
  • Learn some of the latest growth hacks!
  •  Get an external perspective on your social media!
  • ​Learn the best practises across the key platforms! 
  • ​Deep dive into why your campaigns aren't converting!
Sam Jones
Founder, Gener8 Ads 
"Mark’s performance marketing strategy and implementation was instrumental to the growth of Gener8. He helped us find our growth formula through Facebook Ads and smart hacks, taking us from 0 users to over 25,000 within 10 months. Can’t recommend Easy Chew enough."
Emma-Louise Boynton
Co-Founder, HerHustle
"Mark taught us more in one day of going through our social media ad strategy than we'd learnt in months and months of trying to do it ourselves. He transformed our approach".
George Williams
CEO, SmartPlant
"Mark is efficient and his rates are more than reasonable. Not only does he clarify the sometimes complex world of digital marketing but he contributes massively with both ideas and insight. He helped our fledgling e-commerce business sell over 55,000 units in its first two months."
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